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SunRamp Healthtech Accelerator

Take your startup further, faster


About the Accelerator

The SunRamp Healthtech Accelerator helps healthtech startups go further, faster by focusing on pathways to revenue and making deals, not just demo days.

SunRamp is designed to boost the growth of later stage startups who are ready to scale up with technology products targeting solutions to the health and wellbeing sectors. 

The next program is planned for early 2023.


Who we are after

Established healthtech startups based on the Sunshine Coast or with a Queensland presence and able to travel to the workshop sessions on the Sunshine Coast

Achieving initial sales

A viable tech-based product or service with opportunities in the health and wellbeing sectors

Who would benefit from focused support to secure new deals, build revenue and begin to scale the business in national and international markets

May have already participated in an early-stage accelerator program

What we offer

Tailored education program, including 6 expert workshops

Focused mentoring, network development and introductions

Opportunity USA – potential to access Global Landing Program in Denver, Colorado

Visiting office space

Technology assessment and recommendations

Support Group

Focus sectors

SunRamp is targeted at later stage startups with technology solutions targeting health and wellbeing markets. We are open to all health and wellbeing sectors, just some example sectors include:



Improving the lives of older adults

Technology that is built around the needs and wants of older adults, example areas include smart home devices, wearables and technology enabled homecare. The world’s population is ageing with a forecast of 2.1 billion people over 60 by 2050 and older adults are adopting technology such as the internet, Smart TVs, tablets and wearables more than ever before.

Mental Healthtech

Helping people feel better

Mental health problems are one of the main causes of the overall disease burden worldwide. In Australia, almost half of the total population (45%) will experience a mental disorder at some point in their lifetime (ABS, 2009). In recent years, there has been significant growth and investment in mental health startups in areas such as apps and monitoring, telehealth, corporate wellness and e-treatment.

Digital Health

Transforming the health sector

Digital Heath is defined as the use of technology, communication, services, and processes in healthcare, digital health can deliver improved human involvement, health outcomes and service efficiencies. Digital health has massive potential in addressing some of this century’s biggest healthcare challenges.

Our Partners


Introducing Cohort 2...

Cohort 2 logos.jpg

A telehealth psychology company, combining evidence-based therapies that connect those most in need to high-end psychologists in a safe and secure online environment.

Helping hospitals improve information, funding, and quality of

Provides real-time continuous improvement analysis for hospital services and Medtech companies to identify the inefficiencies and process delays that have a direct impact on customer satisfaction and revenues.

Offering a wellbeing marketplace connecting consumers with the top line and alternative health care providers across a global customer base.


The Team

SunRamp is delivered by a skilled team and builds upon experience gained from innovation programs with proven track records in Australia, the UK and the United States.

Ron Hill

Program Founder

Ron HIll

Ron has championed the launch of the SunRamp program in Australia to build upon his experience with startups and accelerator programs in the United States. He is the lead business coach for the program and will take a hands-on approach to help startups build their revenue pipelines. 

Ron has spent over 20 years in the USA – most recently in Boulder, Colorado which, per capita, has more high-tech start-ups than any city in the US. He has a deep background in technology and building startup communities having contributed to the UpRamp and Boomtown Accelerators. He moved from the USA to Sunshine Coast in 2019 and is an active entrepreneur, investor and mentor. 


Wallis Westbrook.jpg

Wallis Westbrook

Healthcare Management Specialist

Wallis is an experienced General Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the hospital & health care industry. He is skilled in Coaching, Government, Case Management, Strategic Partnerships, and Public Speaking and holds a Bachelor of Arts (BA) focused in Graduate Certificate Exec Leadership.

Steve Huff 1.jpg

Steve Huff

CEO and Co-founder of Preventum Group

Steve is a start-up specialist, blockchain advisor and investor who is passionate about innovation and new technology. With more than a dozen start-ups to his credit, he has significant experience growing companies in both Australia and the US and was named one of America’s most Innovative CEO’s by Forbes Radio.

Anthony Moorhouse 1.jpg

Anthony Moorhouse

Co-Founder of EarthTech Ventures, Executive Chairman of Respond Global

Anthony spent a decade in the Australian Army before founding successful global firm Dynamiq. Over the next 10 years before selling, he grew the company into 155 countries. A passion for using technology as a force for good then led him to spend 4 years in Boulder, Colorado, investing in tech companies and mentoring start-up and social enterprise entrepreneurs.

Sheree Cross_edited_edited.jpg

Sheree Cross

Manager Research,
Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service

Sheree is an experienced management professional with exceptional experience with SME strategy development and implementation across a range of industries. Sheree is also a director of SunCoast Angels.

Kara Burns.jpg

Dr Kara Burns

Senior Engagement Advisor, Metro North Hospital and Health Service

Kara has over 15 years working as a healthcare professional, 8 years in health services research and 5 years promoting and managing health innovation. An avid supporter of health startups, Kara enjoys working in research, health tech development and future innovations.

nigel hall.jpg

Nigel Hall

CEO of Cavitus

Nigel is a serial entrepreneur, with 4 exits and 22 transactions under his belt. An angel investor in multiple early stage biotech, nanotech and IT businesses, he has spent 7 years working in venture capital. Nigel specialises in start-ups, turnarounds, MBOs, exit strategies, execution, clean technology, digital and ICT.


Ben Duncan

Startup Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services, Founder & Director of Atmail

With a passion for technology, building companies, and assembling world-class engineering teams, Ben loves working with other inspiring founders & entrepreneurs to make positive change. An accomplished software engineer, entrepreneur and innovator, Ben is a highly respected business leader in his field.

brent watts.jpg

Brent Watts

Founder & Managing Partner at 77 Partners

Brent has 25 years of experience spanning technology, startups and investment in Australia, United States and Europe. He specialises in early stage venture capital, and guides founding teams as an investor, mentor and company director in a range of high growth, globally focused startups.

Kathryn Foster.jpg

Kathryn Foster

Managing Director at macroDATA Digital Solutions

Kathryn specialises in business strategy and planning, especially with Web Services and Internet optimization for both corporations and start-ups, as well as architectural development and governance, and program management. Kathryn has a passion for designing and implementing platforms and programs that scale operations with high customer satisfaction.

andrew terlich.jpg

Andrew Terlich

CFO of InLoop, Director of Growthzone Advisory, Director of Noosa Chances

Andrew’s career in finance stretches from small business ownership to global financial markets. Not your typical accountant, Andrew loves to apply his technical skills and financial thinking ‘at the coal-face’ to achieve real business outcomes. With a passion for the outdoors, Andrew is a keen trail runner, MTB’er and vegetable gardener.

sam pavin.jpg

Sam Pavin

Founder and Principal Consultant at Resumption

Sam loves community, outreach, building networks, and bringing innovation and entrepreneurship to organisations. An experienced business leader, Sam focuses on delivering key outcomes, building amazing teams and quickly adapting to new learnings to create, scale and optimize purposeful marketing and business strategies.

lani refiti.jpg

Lani Refiti

Co-founder & Strategic Advisor at CyberMetrix, Managing Partner at Azcende, Regional Director at Claroty

Lani has 23 years’ experience in emerging technology adoption in IoT & A.I, cybersecurity, startups and building and leading highly successful teams. Passionate about personal and applied leadership, Lani is also a public speaker and an advisor to several startups and Venture and Private capital firms.

chris clark.jpg

Chris Clark

Cofounder and Managing Director of Beerlove, Director of, Co-Director of the Founder Institute

Chris is an experienced Founder, CPO/CTO, Board Director, Advisor and tech startup community leader across Australia, USA, China and Europe. His personal motto is #givefirst, and he is always willing to help passionate people go further by sharing his experiences.

Christopher Kommatas 1.png

Christopher Kommatas

Head of Strategic Partnerships & Innovation at Health Roundtable, Founder & Organiser of Startup HealthTech Australia

Christopher is a successful leader with over 20 years of proven accomplishment in driving success in global healthcare organisations. Currently focused on building a digital health ecosystem in Australia. He has extensive experience in go-to-market strategies and change management in US, UK and Asia Pacific markets.

Dr Tony Keating.jpg

Dr Tony Keating

CEO and Managing Director at ResApp Health

Tony has over 10 years’ experience in commercialising technology. He is currently the CEO of ResApp Health, an ASX listed digital health company. Prior to ResApp Tony held roles at UniQuest, a global leader in commercialisation of university technology. He has extensive experience in product development, partnering and strategy.

Stephen Stoyan 01.jpg

Stephen Stoyan

Director of Digital Health at Orion Health

Stephen has over 20 years’ diverse experience helping global organisations maximise joint partnerships across a broad range of technology. He started his career with his own Digital Design agency founded in 1999 working out of his parent’s home. With a strong passion for digital health and over 5 years experience in Digital Health, Stephen is an active member in the industry.

N Krishnananthan.png

Dr Nishanth Krishnananthan

Co-CEO Vantari

Nishanth is a Surgical doctor in NSW Health with over 10 years of experience in medicine and surgery in metropolitan and rural hospitals. He co-founded Vantari VR in 2017 to eliminate medical errors and bring a new gold standard for medical training.

Ben Stokes_edited.jpg

Ben Stokes

Entrepreneur and Investor

A passion for championing underrepresented communities to succeed in the face of sometimes systemic obstacles, Ben has lived in many cities around the world and spent the last 6+ years in the USA where he Co-Chairs on boards, mentors founders, and established his own start-up career.

Olivia Sainsbury.jpg

Olivia Sainsbury

CEO Olivia Sainsbury Consulting

Olivia has over 20 years policy and strategy consulting experience in Australia and the US across government, health and other industries. Olivia was CEO of the largest Chamber of Commerce in Queensland, representing 600 businesses, and has built a strong network across the Sunshine Coast. She is a management consultant with skills across policy and strategy design, co-design and customer experience design.

Get in Touch
Alex Krinks

Alex Krinks

Strategic Sales Lead, Digital Health and Enterprise Mobility

Alex's strong passion for innovation through technology has resulted in delivering high profile healthcare programs that fundamentally change the way that care is delivered across Australia.

She takes pride in discovering the best solution and outcome for customers and find purpose in driving change, innovation and inclusion for all. A forward thinking leader, passionate about business and digital transformation to create outstanding end user experiences.

SunRamp Alumni - Cohort 1

PhysiGo 1.jpg

PhysiGo incorporates smart sensors, smart wear and proven AI with automatic quantitative analysis and IoT to deliver feedback and insight into human movement. Their detailed analytics can be utilised to provide significant insights into the areas of sports, health and workplace wearables.

Key biometric data is processed in real-time to provide application dependant feedback. The sensors can be integrated into clothing, bandages, straps, headgear, PPE or workwear to collect and monitor data to be transferred to the cloud for processing or feedback.

Bundle of Rays.jpg

The motivation for developing Bundle of Rays was to empower health professionals to be better skilled and qualified to promote timely, informed decisions about patient care. The Bundle of Rays platform immerses health professionals into an education experience through the implementation of VR and AR. The Bundle of Rays model has evolved as a global education platform which provides an engaging, interactive, approachable service to Health organisations and training providers to discuss, educate and implement VR broadly within the industry.


PUML Better Health gamifies health and wellbeing for Corporates and Brands. A Corporate Wellness Challenge platform created to motivate, engage and reward employees, members and customers with the most advanced innovative health and wellbeing platform. PUML Better Health incentivises healthy behaviours with their unique global fitness digital currency and protect health data on blockchain.


A platform aimed at supporting ostomates as they recover and return to a new normal lifestyle. The founder, a new ostomate in 2020, experienced firsthand the challenges of having a major surgical procedure that significantly impacts quality of life, including the difficulty to find suitable post-surgery clothing that was both stylish and comfortable.  Research highlighted that no comprehensive solution currently exists which enables ostomates to easily manage their ostomy, provides evidence-based guidelines and offers peer support.

Shield Labs.jpg

Developed in response to the COVID19 pandemic and in collaboration with Hospitals, Health Services, Universities, Schools, Councils, and Businesses, the face shield design specifically addresses the risk to an anaesthetist during an intubation procedure. No other face shield on the market has been developed specifically to meet this challenge. As a benefit the ShieldLabs face shield is well suited to many other applications within a Work Health and Safety (WHS) COVID Plan. The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) Registered premium quality face shields are Australian Made are cost efficient with a reusable Head Band and machine washable Rear Strap and Comfort Band.


Born out of the 2019 - 2020 Australian bushfire season, HEROIQ is revolutionising frontline Incident Management technology to improve the health and safety of crews during an incident. HEROIQ aims to completely replace paper-based T-Cards and Incident Management Boards used by Fire and Emergency services while offering comprehensive data insights to Emergency teams. Their vision is to better Equip Emergency teams with state-of-the-art applications and promote inter-agency collaboration with real-time information to better combat incidents.

Entag Health.jpg

Connecting patients and care providers to enhance care delivery, management, outcomes and capacity outside of a historical bricks and mortar care setting. From Chronic Disease management to patients requiring acute care in a Hospital In The Home (HITH) setting, ENTAG Health stands out as bastion of change, digitising healthcare to maximise accessibility and standard of care for all.

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When will the next program commence?

Successful applicants will commence the 3 month program in late January/early February 2021.

What is regarded at Healthtech?

Healthtech or digital health, uses technology (databases, applications, mobiles, wearables) to improve the delivery, payment, and/or consumption of care, with the ability to increase thedevelopment and commercialisation of medicinal products.Creating a definition for Healthtech is a little difficult for a sector that has a seemingly endless list of possible uses for technology within its many operations, services and stakeholders.


Does it cost money or equity to participate in the program?
No, ventures are not required to issue equity or make payment in order to participate in the program.

What is the time commitment from participants?

The final program will be tuned to the specific needs of participants and each startup can confirm the areas they want to concentrate on. The core elements of the program are:

- A series of 6 workshops, held fortnightly for a 3 hour duration on a weekday.

- One-to-one coaching sessions.

How many people from each startup can participate?
Up to two founders from each participating startup.

Where are the workshop sessions held?
The main venue for workshops will be the Vitality Village, opposite the Sunshine Coast University Hospital. Coaching sessions will be held at SunRamp Office, Birtinya or by arrangement.

Does the program help me build connections to others that may support my venture?
Yes, the program provides an opportunity for you to build your network by building relationships with fellow participants, presenters and coaches and we will also help you to draw up your network development plan and draw upon our networks in Australia, the United States and beyond to make introductions to key people where possible.

Do I need to be based on the Sunshine Coast?

The program is primarily aimed at businesses based on the Sunshine Coast although we will also consider applications from other Queensland based businesses. The program sessions are physically held on the Sunshine Coast – not online – and so participants need to be able to travel to attend these sessions.

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